Miki Mistrati

Born 1968, Copenhagen

Journalist since 1994.
Has been working for Danish Broadcasting Corporation (DR1 and DR2), TV2/Denmark, Nordic Film & TV, Bastard Film

Co-founder and owner of Bastard Film 2000-2009. Have produced more than 40 documentaries and features

The MC War, The Secret Service I-III, Case Elisabeth Vaever, Greatness and Fall, The Bodyguard, The Beauty Queen, S.O.S. – a call for help, The Police Agent I-II, The Experiment, The Big Killer, Inside out of the Porn Industry, The Mysterious Dead I-II, Honour Killing I-II, Fail of Elders, Fail of Sjaelor, Mentally Stupid?, The Dead of the Opera, The Ghost Driver, The Accidental Terrorist, Convicted of Terrorism, The Dark Side of Chocolate

Nils Ufer Prize 1998 (Denmark)
The News Award 2002 (Denmark)
The Cavling Award 2004 (Denmark)
The Victor Award 2008 (Denmark)
The Documentary Award of the Year 2009 (Odense/Denmark)
UNDPI Bronze, (USA)
Best Documentary, Tutti Nello Stesso Piatto International Film Festival 2011 (Italy)

The Cavling x 3, TV-Oscar x 2, Documentary of the Year, News Prize, IDFA, Roma Fiction Festival, The Hampton Int. Film Festival, Best Social Documentary at the 17th Shanghai TV Festival (The Magnolia Award) UN film festival 2011. Adolf Grimme Prize 2012 (Germany) The Cinema for Peace Best documentary of 2012 award (Germany)

The Book of Power, Power, The Secret Service – when the agency got unveiled, Dan Lynge – my life, SOLO (novel), SPIN (novel), Power (novel)